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Shimmering Body Oil, Summer Collection, Limited Edition

Shimmering Body Oil, Summer Collection, Limited Edition

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Illuminate your skin with pure pearlescent shimmer. Our shimmering oil nourishes skin with micro-fine mica particles infused into luxe organic oils for a luminescent glow. This platinum shimmer oil blends beautifully with fair skin tones, and creates a striking contrast and highlights to darker skin tones.

The scent: Rich moringa cream blends seamlessly with the exotic essence of salted coconut, creating a decadent fusion that nourishes your skin while tantalizing your senses.

Tip: Shake really well before use as the oil and shimmer will separate when not in use.

Ingredients: Organic grapeseed oil. organic jojoba oil. organic sweet almond oil, hair and body safe fragrance oil, mica. 

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